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Saske Uchiha vs Orochimaru

Saske vs Orochimaru there is a video on YouTube and it was FANTASTIC!!!So it goes like this Orochimaru is sleeping in his bed when suddenly a big chakra past trough him.When the doors opend Orochimaru saw Saske.Saske tried to kill Orochimaru with his sword but Orochimaru turned in to a Big White Snake.Saske wasn´t scared becose he alredy knew about the Demon.Saske turned in to Saske Demon and cuted his head but Orochimaru was stil alive and Orochimaru ate Saske and Saske was in Orochimarus dimension.Orochimaru tried to take Saskeś sharingan but Orochimaru was to late and he died and Saske told Kabuto that his dead.Kabuto saw Orochimaru dead when Kabuto was bitten by Orochimaru.THE END!!

Naruto blog
09/05/2012 11:51